Tank Stars Wiki


Coins are a type of currency in Tank Stars. You can earn them by the following ways:

  • Vs Robot (100 lose, 200 win). This also applies to vs friend and Online PVP.
  • Chests - The free, Heroic and Epic. (Legendary doesn't count since it contains only cards)
  • Buying them with real currency. You can buy them by pressing the plus sign next to them.

What to do with them[]

You can spend coins on buying weapon cards, upgrading them, buying and upgrading tanks. Cards are obtained by all chests. Probabilities are - 1/10 for free, 1/7.5 for Heroic and 1/2 for Epic. You can also obtain cards by buying them with gems. Gems are obtained by Heroic and Free chest. You can also buy them with real currency just like coins. When you finish a battle, you are given your reward of either 100 for loss or 200 coins for winning along with an option to watch an ad to obtain a free chest (Optional). you can skip within 5 seconds of not wanting the chest. (You still get the coins)